MBA in Simple Words is an online educational blog which is created by Sandeep Semwal an E-MBA graduate. This website provides simplified explanations of various subjects and topics of MBA. Our mission is to provide resources for those who are looking to learn or need the notes on MBA topics such as Management, Supply-Chain, Operations, etc.

We hope that our website will help you clear your concepts to get ready with the easy explanation of topics which you find difficult, and help you achieve your goals.

How it all started?

Everyone one of you have been in a class where the teachers have taught the subject everyone have prepared their own notes but you have nothing or limited notes. Therefore, as last resort you go to the only one student who not only share his notes with you but also involves in your group study to teach the subjects and topics just week or a day before exam.

I have been that student, I made my own notes when I was doing my Executive-MBA. As many of my classmates missed some classes because of their full time work or bunk the classes. I was the one who shared the notes and teach them the subject before exam. It was not a selfless act. It’s what you do when friends are in need, it doesn’t matter even it gives you a headache.

Sometimes after I got graduated from my E-MBA, I used to get many calls from my juniors who wanted my notes and knowledge on certain topics which they find difficult. Then I thought, it’s not necessary that only these students need help, there might be more in other classes who does not know me or the students who are not even from my college or someone who just want to read and acquire knowledge. Therefore, MBAinsimplewords.com was created.

Here, I not only share notes on certain topics, but also provide certain recommendation of books and tools to improve your PowerPoint and presentation skills.

For Whom MBAinsimplewords.com is created?

MBAinsimplewords.com is created for any student who is a working professionals or need notes for their coming exams or test.

MBAinsimplewords.com is designed to give you the fundamental tools and simplify the concepts that you need to succeed in an MBA program.

If you have some questions or want certain topics to be covered which are not available on MBAinsimplewords.com, you can contact us or mention your concern on the comment section of the blog. We would love to hear from you!


  1. We does not provide any guarantee that just by reading content on this website will pass you in your examination. This website was created as a guide for the students of MBA, who would like some topics simplified for their understanding.

  2. Also there might be some affiliate links provided (for commission) when recommending some books or tools which will cost you nothing extra, but helps me to run this website for as long as possible. However, buying those books and tools are completely your decision.