8 Trends in Fintech and Digital Payments in 2023


The fintech and digital payments industry is evolving quickly and projected to sustain its growth in 2023.

From the adoption of cryptocurrency to the expansion of Web 3.0 payment tech and the focus on hyper-personalization, there are several key trends to watch in this dynamic industry.

The use of cryptocurrency is expected to increase in 2023 as more payment companies add these options at checkout. 

Greater Adoption of Cryptocurrency

Businesses are increasingly using Web 3.0 to develop customized user experiences. 

Expansion of Web 3.0 Payment Tech

Mobile digital payment apps are expected to continue growing in popularity, enabling users to transfer funds via mobile devices. 

Mobile Payment Apps

Real-time payment options are gaining popularity and offering customers more flexibility and convenience.

Real-Time Payment Options

Digital identity is becoming increasingly important, bolstering infrastructure and improving security. 

Digital Identity

Next-gen money-moving technologies and digital currencies are emerging, providing new opportunities for fintech companies and digital native disruptors. 

Next-Gen Money-Moving Technologies

There is a focus on hyper-personalization across all banking and payments experiences, with a shift toward digital experiences and contactless payments. 


The finance function is undergoing digital transformation, with new technologies and capabilities that will enable CFOs to be more strategic.

Finance Digital Transformation

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