Operations Management

Purchase Management

What Is Purchase Management? And the Importance of Purchase Management

Sandeep SemwalFeb 28, 2023

Purchase Management is a crucial aspect of supply chain, with the vast range of purchases that take place every day in modern business. From raw materials to finished products and everything in between, making sure that you have the right…

ABC Analysis

ABC Analysis: What It Is and Benefits of ABC Analysis

Sandeep SemwalFeb 28, 2023

ABC Analysis is a powerful technique that helps the organization to divide their products into 3 categories such as A, B and C to figure out which makes the bigger contribution to their revenue source. Learn more about this analysis…

Inventory Management

Inventory Management: What It Is? Why Is It Important? And Its Types

Sandeep SemwalFeb 28, 2023

Inventory management is one of the most important tasks for any business. It ensures that the company has enough goods on hand to meet customer demand, and doesn’t end up with too many or too few items. This article takes…

Purchase Cycle

Purchase Cycle: 5 Stages of Purchase Cycle

Sandeep SemwalFeb 28, 2023

Purchase cycle is a sequence of events that happen when a person buys a product and constitutes the products journey from manufacturer to end customer. This blog article discusses the different stages in this process, from when an idea for…

Warehousing Stages

Warehousing Stages: 7 reasons why warehousing stages matter the most

Sandeep SemwalFeb 28, 2023

Many people are unaware of the different warehousing stages that typically occur before a product is sold to the customer. Some are aware that they happen but might not understand the importance of going through these stages. This blog will…

Data Collection - Primary and Secondary

Data Collection – Primary and Secondary Which Is Better?

Sandeep SemwalFeb 28, 2023

Data collection is the process of systematically gathering information about a particular topic or project. This type of data gathering has been traditionally achieved through interviews, surveys, and observation. However, these methods are not only time-consuming to complete but also…


What Is Procurement? And 7 Stages of Procurement Process

Sandeep SemwalFeb 28, 2023

The procurement process can be quite overwhelming for those with little or no experience in this field. However, it is not impossible to understand. In fact, it is important to have a basic understanding of what procurement involves so that…

Types of Multinational Corporations

Multinational Corporations: Types Of MNC’s

Sandeep SemwalFeb 28, 2023

The method of business that we use today is driven by multinational corporations which in short are called MNC’s. Multinational corporations (MNC’s) are businesses with operations in more than one country. These companies are known to expand their business over…

Primary and Secondary Data

11 Ways To Collect Primary And Secondary Data

Sandeep SemwalApr 26, 2023

Collecting data is an important step – it helps management of an organization to understand a topic and make decisions about how to proceed. But does the process of collecting data have to be difficult? This blog article looks at…

Environmental Analysis

What is Environmental Analysis? And Why is it Important?

Sandeep SemwalFeb 28, 2023

Environmental analysis is a critical aspect of analyzing the internal and external factors that influence your business. It is important to take into account all forms of environmental impact and keep these in mind when making decisions. In this article,…