5 C's of marketing, 5 C of marketing, 5 C Analysis

Understanding the 5 C’s of Marketing for Strategic Success

Sandeep SemwalFeb 24, 2023

5 C’s of Marketing is a key component of any successful business; yet, it can be difficult to know how to best utilize its many elements. We’ll discuss the five C’s of marketing in this post and how mastering them…

Marketing Functions

What Is Marketing? And 7 Important Marketing Functions

Sandeep SemwalAug 7, 2022

Marketing is the process of promoting and selling products, services and ideas. It is often described as “the management process responsible for identifying and satisfying customer needs profitably.” Marketing is one of many functions in a company, but it’s arguably…

Product Life Cycle

Product Life Cycle: What Is It and Its 5 Stages?

Sandeep SemwalAug 6, 2022

All products go through a life cycle which is commonly term as Product Life Cycle. The end of the cycle for a product is known as the date when it is discontinued. Products that are no longer made in existence,…

7 Ps of Marketing

7 Ps of Marketing: An Important Aspect of Marketing

Sandeep SemwalApr 26, 2023

What makes marketing so exciting is that it is adaptable and scalable. As technology and business evolves, new methods of promotion are constantly being developed. In this blog post, find out how the 7 Ps Of Marketing – Product, Place,…